Thursday, December 31, 2009

It all went by so fast!

I can't believe it is the last day of the year! I am so thankful for all of my blessings, mainly my husband, my little angel at the base of the tree, and her brother and sister!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More portraits

I do not know how to rotate these once they are here

Portraits from 2009

Here is my baby girl's Playmobil doll house

Ooo, sorry about the crappy iphone photos!

Here is the progress on the orchid doll house

A base, some shingles, paint, and landscaping and we will be done with the exterior

Here is the beacon hill in progress

This has taken my Dad 100s of hours to get to this point! You can't see all of the detail, but he has endlessly sanded and filled those jagged little Greenleaf pieces to an unrecognizable smoothness! We can't WAIT to get our(my) hands on this!

My small second homes

I have started my blog (just now) mainly to document my foray into the world of miniatures. The title of my blog is in french only because everything sounds better in french! mais oui?! I'm not even sure if my grammar is correct. I tried to google the phrase and got nothing for the plural, but just went with it anyway. My dad and I are simultaneously working on two doll houses. It all started four years ago when I purchased a Greenleaf "Beacon Hill" doll house for my then two-year-old daughter. I knew it would take years to get together. Had no idea it would take four years. Well, grandpa had it nearly ready this year for giving this Christmas. I had begun to purchase ebay furniture, lots of Bespaq in need of repair and other such discounted items. Christmas giving began to revolve around this dollhouse. We even bought a large Playmobil house for my three-year old so that she would not be too interested in her sister's new house. My parents were to arrive in Atlanta from Pennsylvania on Monday before Christmas. Well, Saturday night I got a call from Mom that the transmission in their mini van had just gone out and the car was in the shop with no chance of being ready for the trip. They offered to rent a van for beaucoup $$$ (notice the french?) I told them that was crazy and they should just drive their other car. They could just bring it next time. With no other plan for my daughter's big Christmas gift, I ran to the Hobby Lobby and bought an "Orchid" dollhouse. It is very small and easy to put together. I got the shell and some of the trim done before Dad got here. He got to work right away and we have it nearly finished except for the paint and interior. I have covered the outside with paperclay ala Tracy Topps. She makes the most wonderful looking stone cottages and I really wanted to try to imitate her techniques. Anyhow, it is looking great, my daughter loves it and all is well! I will continue to document the saga as it unfolds.