Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good news and bad news

Bad news first, my blog has fallen to the wayside as I have discovered and it has become a compulsion.  The good news is that I may be related to all of you!  Hopefully my OCD will bring me back to my blog soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

He's gonna be OK!

It looks like with a little more facial grooming, Yorkie is going to be fine! Touch-and-go there for a while. Maybe I'll give him a final trim tomorrow morning, when I have not had any wine ;-) I might cut too much tonight and would hate to have to wait for it to grow out.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Phelting is Phun

I really like needle felting!  I used to think it was really weird and a little gross, but I think that is because I had only seen felted fruit and soap and I could not make the connection of why wool would be involved in those things.  But animals are already made of fur, so it makes sense to make them out of fur!  right?  and besides, everything handmade has a weird aspect to it, if you think about it.  Anyhow, I made the pink, eyeless bear first.  He will have eyes, just haven't done it yet.  The rabbit was next and then the dog.  I put wire in the dog so that she can be poseable, and as a progression of learning how to do this. Hmm, too bad I did not pose her for the photos :)  My next step in the progression was going to be adding long hair, and this is where I think my success has faltered.  I have no idea what to do next with this poor little yorkie (?)  He obviously needs a trim of some sort, and eyes and a nose.  Maybe I could groom him to look like a panda!