Friday, February 5, 2010

I trimmed out the sleeping nook

So, yesterday and today I stained the floor, painted the bead board on the sleeping nook (that is what I call it now that I like it) and I cut some trim with my NEW miter box and saw.  Yup, I have tools and know what to call them!  I "stained" the trim with acrylic paint because I learned a while back that real stain just looks funny on this little scale.  It just seems as if it is not deep enough to me. I also added some beams inside of the little triangle dormer areas.  Right now they are just wedged up there in the stucco.  Oh yeah, I stuccoed, is that right, applied stucco? oh well.  I used Dap vinyl spackle as the stucco with a little acrylic tan paint mixed in for color.  I had also used it on the exterior of the second floor.  I need to find a base for this so that I can finish up with some landscaping and moss.  Then it will be move in time.  Well, maybe.  I am also considering adding a wall to the left of the sleeping nook on the second floor because as much as I like the open space, I need some wall space! 


  1. Dear Susan~ Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving me a note. I am glad that you too had fixed the problem. I was about to give up blogging ...sigh and glad I am now that this is over. Like you , I like to try new things and they all are so exciting. I am looking at your food and you did swell. I am holding my self from try to make some bread... I heard is *contagious*!smiles~

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  3. Wow.. this dollhouse looks really pretty! ;)
    mini hugs from Spain


  4. I love the way the little bed fits into the 'nook' :)