Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunshine Award

I would like to thank Michelle for my Sunshine Award!  This is my first blog award, I will post it with pride :)

Here is a link to Michelle's lovely blog:  http://michelle-minithings.blogspot.com/

The Sunshine Award Rules...

1. Post the award on my own blog.
2. In a blog post, name six blogs that I enjoy.
3. Let your six named bloggers know that you are passing the award on to them.

I would like to pass it along to my first six followers who do not already have this award posted on their blogs:
Kim athttp://kimsminiatures.blogspot.com/
Susan at http://minicrochetmad.blogspot.com/
Cynthia at http://cynmini.blogspot.com/
Sylvia at http://lotjesdollshouse.blogspot.com/
Daisy at http://antiquedaisy.blogspot.com/
Lisette at http://lisettesminiaturen.blogspot.com/


  1. Oh, Susan - thanks so much! My first award also. I've noticed these pop up here and there and I think it's very heartwarming. I'm flattered for sure!

  2. fantastic blog , fantastic work ,,fantastic pictures. angeles

  3. Thankyou Susan for giving me this lovely award, it's so very kind of you!

    I love visiting your blog, your miniatures are so beautiful and inspiring!